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Shaving products from a local market

This weekend we visited the market at the annual event “Olavsfestdagene” here in Trondheim. It was fun to see that several vendors had shaving related products. The interest in classic shaving is apparently increasing. Read More →

Top quality shaving equipment

Nakayama stoneI recently bought two shaving related objects which I am very happy with. These objects represent the pinnacle of quality in two areas. The first is a brand new straight razor from J.A. Hellberg, and the other is a Japanese natural waterstone. Read More →

Restored straight razors

1I often buy razors that have both rusty blades and broken scales, to restore them later. The other day I sat down with three of them. Read More →

Star – the modern razor’s mother

star1b-scaled500I just got a great antiquity in the house. It is a “Star” from Kampfe Bros. I consider this razor to be “the modern razor’s mother”, since it was the first mass-produced razor which placed the head on top of the shaft, in a “T” shape, and had replaceable blades, like we are used to today. Read More →

Good feel for the book!

I have been working on gathering together my knowledge of shaving, and turning it into a book. The timing to release such a book now seems very good. In the magazine “D2” on 28 December, there was an 8-page article about straight razor shaving 🙂 Read More →

And then there were three…

The two largest producers in today’s razor world, are Dovo and Thiers-Issards. Both produce very good knives, and both have faithful followers. Some believe the TI knives require a bit too much work to become really sharp, while others think Dovo does not get the same edge as the TI straights, but all agree that both generally makes good straight razors. When one wants to buy a new straight razor today, most people choose one of these two. Read More →

Fine Vintage

Today I got a package in the mail, that I’ve rally been looking forward to. In the package were two very old razors that I bought at the Swedish auction site “Tradera»

One knife is probably from the mid to late 1700s, and the other probably from the early 1800’s. I’ve decided to shift the focus of my collection from the purely aesthetic (to collect the “nice” blades and razors), to now take a “chronological” approach and collect good examples of the stages in the razor’s development. These two straight razors are great examples of early styles. Read More →

Testing an old Gillette

A while ago my brother sent me some o,d razors that he bought at a flea market. He sent the razors to me a while ago, but it’s only now that I have had time to look at them. Read More →

Collecting razors and straight razors

When you’ve been doing this type of shaving for a while, it’s possible you’ll want to try different razors and straight razors. I started with an “new old Gillette razor” (1960/70s) that I found at a flea market. Gradually it has become a cozy weekend activity going to antiques stores and flea markets looking for old razors. Read More →