A shave at Truefit & Hill in London

I always try to make time for a visit to a barbershop when I’m traveling. These are some pictures from one of the old, traditional barbershops in London: Truefit & Hill in St. James’ Street. This is “The worlds oldest barbershop” (established in 1805), and they also produces their own shaving soaps, creams and the like.
As one would expect of such a place, service and quality are werry good.
I was lucky and got an appointment right away when i stoped by the shop.
The shave went quickly and very efficiently. First a round of pre shave cream, and hot towel over my face. The barber was very steady, and there was no signs of cuts. She also applied a new hot towel between the first and second shaving pas. The shaving lather/cream was applied with a brush. She used products from their “Ultimate Comfort” series. The end result was very smooth. Clearly in the “top 5” of shaves I have experienced.
A curiosity: Although they had classic heating cupboard for the towels, she actually used a microwave to heat the towel a little extra. This gave a towel that was verry hot, and it worked very well. I use myself to warm towel under the tap at hand sink, but i think I’ll test with the microwave too.
– Truefit & Hill is hereby recommended “på det varmeste”.

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