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Have you ever felt cheated by companies selling you lots of packaging and less content?

Have you, like me, felt a bit of disappointment when having purchased a huge bag of potato chips from the store, only to see that it is barely half full when you open it? Or getting annoyed by the cardboard boxes and other unnecessary packaging that hides how little product there actually is the package? It seems that more and more manufacturers sell more packaging than product. Read More →

New demo video

This is a video I made ​​a while ago, where I demonstrate razor shave with an old knife, possibly from the early 1900’s. The knife I use is a “D. Peres Best Barrel Brand, No. 12 C “. Read More →

About shaving brushes

A few words about shaving brushes:
There are basically three main types of bristles in shaving brushes:
1. Badger hair
2. Boar bristles
3. Synthetic bristles/hair

In addition, there are also brushes made with horsehair. Read More →

Exciting video of man shaving with obsidian

Man have shaved at all times. There are many examples of razors from antiquity, and earlier. On this website you can see a picture of a razor made ​​of bronze, from Egypt, 1405-1367 BCE: Read More →

Straight razor demo

Have you considered shaving with a straight razor?

The first thing you should do is to get a good knife. Do not go for the cheap China-made knives you can find on ebay, but choose quality! Read More →