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Top quality shaving equipment

Nakayama stoneI recently bought two shaving related objects which I am very happy with. These objects represent the pinnacle of quality in two areas. The first is a brand new straight razor from J.A. Hellberg, and the other is a Japanese natural waterstone. Read More →

Making a new edge

Yesterday I finally received the “duble duck” straight razor I bought on ebay. Duble duck are by manny considered as one of the best straight razors. I set about cleaning it, and the knife was getting quite as nice. So the next step was to polish the blade. I use a hand-held sander for this. There was no rust on the blade, so I went straight to the polishing. Then an accident happened: The small iron rod that the polishing head sits on, hit the edge of the blade. The result was a notch in the edge! I decided to try to grind off the edge. To remove the notch, I had to remove a couple of millimeters of steel. Read More →

Getting the straight razor sharp

I have until recently honed my razor knives with a Japanese “King 250/1000” and a “Norton 4000/8000.” Each hone are actually two pieces of stone with two different grits, glued together. Read More →