Making a new edge

Yesterday I finally received the “duble duck” straight razor I bought on ebay. Duble duck are by manny considered as one of the best straight razors. I set about cleaning it, and the knife was getting quite as nice. So the next step was to polish the blade. I use a hand-held sander for this. There was no rust on the blade, so I went straight to the polishing. Then an accident happened: The small iron rod that the polishing head sits on, hit the edge of the blade. The result was a notch in the edge! I decided to try to grind off the edge. To remove the notch, I had to remove a couple of millimeters of steel.

I started doing what is called “bread knifing”. It means that you put the blade straight down on a rough stone, and cut as if you cut a bread. Then grind down past the notch in the edge. This way you can save blades with a fairly deep notch in the edge. I used the 250-grit side of my King-stone to this. Then i created a whole new edge by gradually grinding in a progressively sharper angle (I used three to four steps). When the angle was so sharp that the blade was lying horizontally on the stone, I switched to 1000-Gritt-side. Here I set the edge until it was ok. Then I went over to 4000grit-side on a norton stone. Here I spent a lot of time to get the edge to bite. Then I went to the coticule stone. After half an hour on it, I actually got the blade to cut arm hair – and the day was saved 🙂


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