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When you have tried this type of shaving for a while, it’s possible you’ll want to try different types of DE-razors and straight razors. I started with an old Gillette razor that I found at a flea market. And gradually startet to buy different types of razors. It has now becomed a nice weekend activity, to go to antiques shops and markets looking for razors and straight razors. I now have ca. 70 DE-razors and ca. 80 straight razors. It’s not a big collection, but i think it is quite nice – and steadily growing.

If you come across an old safety razor in good condition at a flee market or ebay, I recommend you buy it. One does not usually need to pay much for a decent looking razor. The old type DE-razors are incredibly well designed and were made ​​to last. If there is no rust on it, you do not have to do anything but let it sit for a few hours in soap water. You can then scrub it and perhaps use some sterilizing liquid on it. Then it is usually ready to use. You can learn a lot about this by following discussion forums like,, and others.

Here are a few pictures of some razors and straight razors from my collection.

Straight razorsNewer razors Older razors




2 Thoughts on “My collection

  1. Espen Nybråten on November 11, 2013 at 9:31 pm said:

    Skummelt,skummelt,skummelt å begynne å “hamstre”!Blir jo helt hekta og må ha flere, må ha flere……..

  2. Quite the collection you have. When you buy these razors and sterilize them do you also have to sharpen the razors?

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