Straight razor shave in Trondheim

Recently I discovered that there is a hair salon in downtown Trondheim, offering straight razor (shavette) shave.
The salon is called “ARA Frisør “, and is located at Olav Trygvassons gt 21.

They have extremely low prices. Mens hair cut: 200 , – woman hair cut: 350 , – and the shave cost only 150, – NOK .

With these prices, it goes without saying that there is no “hot towel treatment” before the shave. They put the lather directly on dry beard. The shave went quickly in two rounds , and then the chin was sprayed with aftershave.

The shave looked decent in the mirror, but did not feel 100%. Guess it was because they didn’t moisten the beard first. If you moisten the beard before the shave, the hairs will stretch so the cut comes further down on the stubble/hair and this makes the shave closer when the stubble/hair dries and contracts. And although the aftershave smelled good , I would prefer something like a balm or lotion on the chin first, so it doesn’t dry out the skin.

I bought a tube of shaving cream and some aftershave. The cream was good (have also tested it at home). The aftershave was just pure alcohol with some “good smell” in it. They also sell shaving brushes.

All in all a nice visit but do not expect a BBS shave or the wellness aspect you get with hot/cold towels + pre/post- shave cream.

Here are a link to ARAs Facebook-page.

Ligger i Olav Trygvassonsgate

Olav Trygvassons gt. 21

Barbereren var kjapp og lett på hånden

Klar til barbering

One Thought on “Straight razor shave in Trondheim

  1. inge denstad on July 23, 2014 at 7:50 pm said:

    stars and bangs :
    will do a nice knife shave:) with hot towel and everything:)

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