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Gillette — still the best a man can get?

Today I shaved with a brand new “Gillette Fusion Proglide”!
Yes, you read correctly. Today I purchased one of the latest “multiblade plastic razors” from Gillette.

I think that one can quickly become a little “religious” when one are really excited about something. But I would rather not reject something that is working, just because I have chosen a different solution. So i went to the store to buy a multi-blade razor.

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The ultimate razor?

A few days ago i got a “new” razor. It is a Gillette Slim adjustable from 1962 that I found on ebay.

This model has the same adjustment function for blade angle as the famous “fatboy”, by many considered the best Gillette razor. But this one has a little longer and slimmer shaft than the aforementioned “fatboy”, which gives a very good balance. Read More →

Testing an old Gillette

A while ago my brother sent me some o,d razors that he bought at a flea market. He sent the razors to me a while ago, but it’s only now that I have had time to look at them. Read More →