The ultimate razor?

A few days ago i got a “new” razor. It is a Gillette Slim adjustable from 1962 that I found on ebay.

This model has the same adjustment function for blade angle as the famous “fatboy”, by many considered the best Gillette razor. But this one has a little longer and slimmer shaft than the aforementioned “fatboy”, which gives a very good balance. I see at the discussion forum “” that many actually prefer this, to the “big brother Fatboy» (

The razor was in very good condition and is bright and shiny. Adjustment mechanism works smoothly.


The razor are now tested, and I’m excited!
The razor is very nicely balanced – and despite the fact that the shaft is slender, the razor has a good weight. The shave went like a dream, and I adjusted the blade up to setting 3 Next time I plan to go on up to 6 The scale ends at 9, but then I guess it is quite aggressive.

Also check this promo-film from 1961. It shows a man that uses the same model – and as the film says: “Get a real man shave, with water, lather, & Gillette” 🙂


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