Read the label

Have you ever felt cheated by companies selling you lots of packaging and less content?

Have you, like me, felt a bit of disappointment when having purchased a huge bag of potato chips from the store, only to see that it is barely half full when you open it? Or getting annoyed by the cardboard boxes and other unnecessary packaging that hides how little product there actually is the package? It seems that more and more manufacturers sell more packaging than product.

This struck me as I worked my way down to the bottom of this box of shaving cream from “The art of shaving.” I noticed that the inner walls are actually sloping inwards, and the bottom is much higher inside than outside. When I look at the label, it says that this box actually contains only 150ml. The little blue one, from “The Body Shop”, contains 200ml.

So I guess the moral is: Read the label before you buy!


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