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Straight razor shave in Trondheim

Recently I discovered that there is a hair salon in downtown Trondheim, offering straight razor (shavette) shave.
The salon is called “ARA Frisør “, and is located at Olav Trygvassons gt 21. Read More →

Shaving brush: Finally a boar brush I like

I have over the years tried many different shaving brushes with boar bristles. I’m not fond of them, except one: The Semogue 1305. Read More →

MAN Shaving Cream from Ramallah

My wife recently came back from a trip to Ramallah, Palestine. She brought back a gift containing a shavette, some shaving cream and after shave lotion. Read More →

Promoting my book about shaving: A visit to the radio studio at NRK

On tuesday 03. december I was the guest of NRK-radio’s “Good Morning Trøndelag”.
It was fun, and they also made a good text with nice pictures to their website. In this text, there is also a link to the previous one that NRK produced after we made ​​a series of three episodes about the history of shaving. This was on the program “Norgesglasset.”

Look at this: http://www.nrk.no/trondelag/sylskarpt-stal-mot-strupen-i-studio-1.11393754

Check out the web page from my visit in the NRK radio studio.

Check out the web page from my visit in the NRK radio studio.

Min bok om klassisk våtbarbering er nå ute!


Da har boka kommet ut, og er nå tilgjengelig i alle norske bokhandleres nettsteder. Du kan selvfølgelig også be din lokale bokhandler ta den inne for deg. Se forlagets presentasjon av boka her: http://www.exlibrismedia.no/?p=2961

Boka ble også presentert på TV2 God morgen Norge. Her er noen bilder fra sendinga. Som dere ser beholdt jeg barten, i anledning Movember-aksjonen 🙂

Bilder fra God morgen Norge

Fra God morgen Norge

NRK-P1 «Norgesglasset» laget nylig en serie om barberingens historie, sammen med meg.
Du kan finne innslagene fra sendingene ved å følge disse lenkene:
Episode 1.
Episode 2.
Episode 3.

De laget samtidig også en tekstsak på sine websider, som du kan lese her: http://www.nrk.no/trondelag/slik-tok-de-skjegget-i-steinalderen-1.11345696



The book can be ordered on the web sites of all the Norwegian bookstores, as well as on the websites of Dapper.no and barbershop.no:
(Please note: The book is only available in Norwegian)

The book is here! The printer sent 3 early copys of the book to my publisher. Last weekend I was on a trip to London, and the publisher was kind enough to send a copy of the book to me at my hotel. On saturday, I visited PallMall Barbers and gave Masterbarber Erin a copy as a Thank You for participating in the book.


CoverBackInsideAt Pall Mall Barbers


Classic products from Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword Shaving soap

Do you know the english brand “Wilkinson Sword”?
The company started in 1772 as a manufacturer of, as the name implies, swords. In the 1850s they started making straight razors, and in 1903 they patented their first razor. Read More →

Shaving products from a local market

This weekend we visited the market at the annual event “Olavsfestdagene” here in Trondheim. It was fun to see that several vendors had shaving related products. The interest in classic shaving is apparently increasing. Read More →

Top quality shaving equipment

Nakayama stoneI recently bought two shaving related objects which I am very happy with. These objects represent the pinnacle of quality in two areas. The first is a brand new straight razor from J.A. Hellberg, and the other is a Japanese natural waterstone. Read More →

Restored straight razors

1I often buy razors that have both rusty blades and broken scales, to restore them later. The other day I sat down with three of them. Read More →

Star – the modern razor’s mother

star1b-scaled500I just got a great antiquity in the house. It is a “Star” from Kampfe Bros. I consider this razor to be “the modern razor’s mother”, since it was the first mass-produced razor which placed the head on top of the shaft, in a “T” shape, and had replaceable blades, like we are used to today. Read More →