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Wilkinson Sword Shaving soap

Do you know the english brand “Wilkinson Sword”?
The company started in 1772 as a manufacturer of, as the name implies, swords. In the 1850s they started making straight razors, and in 1903 they patented their first razor.
They where (1965) the first company to make razor blades from stainless steel.

Production of razors are now, as far as i know, moved to Germany. They are now owned by Energizer holdings who also owns Shick. Wilkinson products are sold under the Wilkinson Sword brand in Europe and the Shick brand in USA.

I have been using their Classic DE-razor and their razor blades from time to time. The Classic is a nice (and verry cheap) razor and WS razor blades are wery good. To day I got a bowl of shaving soap and a shaving brush (boar bristle) from Wilkinson Sword and I will now test them.

Update: I have now shaved with the WS equipment. The soap was good, with a “masculine” smell. The brush was not very good. I generally don’t like bore brushes. I think they are too stiff, but some are better than others. This is not one of the best brushes but OK. I switched to my  Badger silver tip brush and then it was pretty easy to make good lather from the soap. The Classic razor performed as always good.
I payed £15 on eBay for the soap, brush, 5 blades, some styptic matches, and a shavette (which i will never use – i prefer “real” straight razors).  All in all I would say that Wilkinson Sword equipment is a good choice if you consider what you get for a very low price.

Wilkinson Sword products

Wilkinson Sword products


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