Shaving products from a local market

This weekend we visited the market at the annual event “Olavsfestdagene” here in Trondheim. It was fun to see that several vendors had shaving related products. The interest in classic shaving is apparently increasing.

One of the sellers had a bunch of NOS vintage shaving brushes. It was fine brushes of boar bristles. The woman who sold them insisted that it was badger brushes, but I could see right away that it was not. Anyway, my wife bought one of them as a gift to me. Upon closer inspection, I can also see at the shaft that it says “Reine borst” which i belive is German for “Pure boar”.

Also in the same market,  the nuns from the monastery on Tautra, close to Trondheim, had a sales booth. They always sell quality soaps and creams at the “Olavsfestdagene” (a festival in the saint St. Olav’s memory). This year they had also an after shave lotion. I tested it today and it was good. But it annoys me a bit that they use what I call a “fools-jar” which look like they contain much more product than they actually do. When opening the box and taking out the jar of cream, one sees that the walls and bottom are abnormally thick, and the room containing cream is very small. It gave me yet another reminder to read the package before buying. I think this type of jars are very common in the cosmetics industry.

NOS kost med villsvinbust

Etterbarberingskrem fra Tautra
After shave lotion from Tautra

Etterbarberingskrem fra Tautra. "Lurekrukke".


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