Star – the modern razor’s mother

star1b-scaled500I just got a great antiquity in the house. It is a “Star” from Kampfe Bros. I consider this razor to be “the modern razor’s mother”, since it was the first mass-produced razor which placed the head on top of the shaft, in a “T” shape, and had replaceable blades, like we are used to today. The first model was patented in 1880 and the Star was the dominant razor until Gillette made ​​his disposable DE razor blades. This one are a newer model, patented in 1899.

The earliest versions of these razors were sold in small cans/tin boxes. The blades was like a little piece of the blade of a straight razor, and had to be sharpened like a straight razor. The head of the razor has a clamp to set the blade in and it formed an arch under the blade. This arc would capture the foam while shaving. It was a Star-razor King Camp Gillette held in his hand when he got the idea for the disposable DE-blade.

I used one of the blades that came with the razor, and gave it a few laps on a Coticule stone last night, and today I shaved with it. I will not claim that it was a comfortable shave, but it was OK 🙂

I did not really sharpen the blade enough. The blade is, as mentioned, shaped like a piece of the blade of a straight razor, and one should really put this in a separate shaft, and then sharpen it in the same manner as a straight razor. My razor did not have such a handle, and it was therefore a bit difficult to get the blade sharp. Otherwise the razor is a good patent. It is comfortable to hold (a bit thin shaft), and it is easy to get the right angle. This razor will now be given the center place in my collection.


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