Testing an old Gillette

A while ago my brother sent me some o,d razors that he bought at a flea market. He sent the razors to me a while ago, but it’s only now that I have had time to look at them. After cleaning them, and using some rust remover on them, I took the time to try one of the Gillette razors. It is possibly a Richwood # 81. The razor are at least from before 1920 since it has a serial number on the handle (Gillette stopped using serial number on the razors handle ca. 1920).

I used a Derby blade which is sharp but pretty “gentle” blade. I did not use Feather blades on this, I think it would have been carnage… The old Gillette-razor with open comb is known to be quite agresive – and I can confirm it!

The shave went well, but despite three passes, I did not get the closest shave. On open-comb razors of this type, the blade lays straight down on the teeth and it becomes quite easy to cut one self, so i got a little blood too.

Looking at the many discussion forums, I see that some people appreciate these, but personally I must say I still prefer razors with “closed-comb.” But it’s always interesting to try different types of razors.


One Thought on “Testing an old Gillette

  1. Morten K. Johansen on April 22, 2012 at 9:31 pm said:

    Dette var morro Mads 🙂

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