Collecting razors and straight razors

When you’ve been doing this type of shaving for a while, it’s possible you’ll want to try different razors and straight razors. I started with an “new old Gillette razor” (1960/70s) that I found at a flea market. Gradually it has become a cozy weekend activity going to antiques stores and flea markets looking for old razors.

If you come across an old Gillette safety razor in good condition, I recommend you buy it. One does not usually need to pay much for an OK razor. Gillette razors are incredibly well designed and were made ​​to last for generations. If there is no rust on it, you only need to let it it sit for a few minutes in soap water. You can then scrub it and possibly add some disinfectant, then it is usually ready to use. You can learn a lot by watching the discussion forums such as,, and the like.

I now have several of these razors (and blades) that I use often. The last time i counted i had ca. 40 razors and over 50 straight razors. Here are some pictures of my collection.

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