Straight razor demo

Have you considered shaving with a straight razor?

The first thing you should do is to get a good knife. Do not go for the cheap China-made knives you can find on ebay, but choose quality! I have several vintage blades made ​​of quality steel, mainly from Germany, England, France and Sweden. The German steel from these places are known for good quality and are used in knives.

My favorite straight razors are, among manny, “Bismarck” from Dovo, “Edelweis” from Böker, “Spartacus” fom Thiers-Issard, “Puma” and “Dubl Duck”. if you can find a razor that has “Solingen”, “Sheffield” or “Eskilstuna” stamped in the blade, you are almost guaranteed a steel of high quality.

When you buy a new knife you should, if possible, order it “shave ready” sharpened by a “hone meister”. You should also get a good leather strop, which you use to give the knife “that little extra bit” before you shave.

Here is a little video I made, showing razor shave. Some might think that I use to much time when i prepare the beard for the shave, but my experience is that the more time I take to heat up / wet the beard first – the better the shave I get.

I hope this video will give you some help or inspiration to get started 🙂



One Thought on “Straight razor demo

  1. Mads on May 3, 2012 at 9:27 pm said:

    Hehe. Tja, det tar vel ca. 25-30 minutter med "full pakke". Til daglig bruker jeg høvel, og bare en runde med varmt håndkle før innsåping. Jeg har stort sett aldri tid til å barbere meg om morgenen, så jeg tar det om kvelden. Knivbarbering med "full pakke" er forbeholdt dager når jeg har litt god tid. Ok, neste video blir med snakking, bedre lys og avslått autofokus 🙂

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