Good feel for the book!

I have been working on gathering together my knowledge of shaving, and turning it into a book. The timing to release such a book now seems very good. In the magazine “D2” on 28 December, there was an 8-page article about straight razor shaving 🙂

It occurred to me some time ago: There are not any Norwegian-language books on this subject – so I decided to make one. I am definitely not the person who know the most about this subject in Norway, but I am an eager enthusiast who wants to “spread the word”. The goal is that this will be a nice coffee table  book to browse for those already engaging in wet shaving, and a “help to get started” for those who want to start wet shaving.

I’ve almost finished writing the book, and are now working with the images and illustrations. One major task involves photographing almost all of my collection of razors, blades, brushes, soaps, and so on.

I first created a “dummy” and sent it to a publisher. I got positive feedback from a few publishers, and have now signed an agreement with Exlibris Media for the release of the book. It will come out in the fall 2013.


Link to D2-piece (Norwegian):


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