And then there were three…

The two largest producers in today’s razor world, are Dovo and Thiers-Issards. Both produce very good knives, and both have faithful followers. Some believe the TI knives require a bit too much work to become really sharp, while others think Dovo does not get the same edge as the TI straights, but all agree that both generally makes good straight razors. When one wants to buy a new straight razor today, most people choose one of these two.

These manufacturers have a “little brother”: Böker. Böker straights are perhaps not as well known as Dovo and TI. But at one time Böker was considered one of the greats. They stil make great regular knifes, but they gradually stopped making straight razors after WW2. But now Böker are producing new straight razors again! It was therefore with a large dose of excitement I ordered my new Böker Edelweiss. First impressions are very good: Good handles with scales made of bone. Well balanced. Almost bit “minimalist” in style, at least compared to razors such as Dovo Bismark.

The edge was super sharp right out of the box. In fact, I dare say it was sharper than the Dovo Bismark I purchased “professionally honed.” The bone material in the handle gives the Edelweiss a very good weight and feel.

The shave went like a dream. I am really impressed with this knife!
Edelweis is in a way a “cheap high-end” straight razor, that gets very good reviews in various shaving forums. It has very good blade and materials, but no unnecessary and costly gold inlay and other decorations.

Edit, april 2013: I recently dropped the Edelweiss on the bath room floor, and one scale got a nasty crack. It did not brake, but there is a visible “crack line”. So i think the bone material are somewhat more “crispy” and are not as flexible as some modern plastics.


Boker has a long and interesting history, which you can read more about here:

I guess they now are best known for the production of “ordinary” knives, especially pocket knives. They have today split the regular production of knifes into three divisions: Böker Magnum, who makes the cheapest blades (in China). Böker Plus, which has a bit more “modern” knives (made ​​in Asia). Finally, the classic Böker Treebrand which is the classic models (which still made in Germany and USA). At the same time i bought the straight razor, I also bought a classic Boker “Stockman” pocket knife. I’ve decided that every “gentleman” should have a pocket knife 🙂

The knife is very elegant, and is not “scary” for people who are not interested in knives, so no one in the office landscape “jumps” if you take it out to open a box or cut up some lacing. It was, however, not sharp out of the box. It took a few laps on a stone, but now I’ve got it good and sharp. The knife has a lifetime warranty.




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