Try an oil shave

Have you ever tried to shave with just oil? I recommend trying it.
After reading a bit about this, I decided to try it. You can get many types of special “shave oils” for this, but the fact is that regular olive oil works just as fine.

I moisten and warm the beard well, with two rounds of warm towels. Then I massage some oil into the beard and leave it for a minute or two before I start. Then you just shave as usual. Do not rinse of the oil between each pass. Just ad a little more oil if the face becomes dry. When you are done shaving, just rinse face in ice cold water, as usual. I skip the aftershave lotion — and just ad a little more oil in stead of it. After a few minutes, remove any excess oil from your face, and then splash on some alcohol based “after shave” or cologne if you wish.

Today I chose to use the Merkur 34c-razor with a new Gillette 7 O’clock blade. Along with some Exstra virgin olive oil, and the result was a super smooth shave 🙂

Update: I have now made a demo video of me doing an oil shave:



This video demonstrates shave oil from L’occitan:

Useful reading:


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