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I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I work as an adviser at NTNU's Communication Division (NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and i also do design, Illustration and photography freelance work. I have a craft certificate as a graphic designer. I also have studied arts, marketing, project management and video production.
I have participated in exhibitions with paintings, drawings, photos and even video installations. I have made graphic design for many printed matter and multimedia productions, and I have also made illustrations for many different clients. I have also been project manager for several marketing campaigns for NTNU and others.
Through NTNU projects I've been named "Marketer of the year"/«Årets markedsfører» (Trondheim market association 2008), been awarded diplomas and price in "Strong advertising", and nominated several times for a European Excellence Award.
In 2013, my book "Classic shaving – with steel against the throat" was published by Exlibris Media. I also wrote a five page article on the same topic for the magazine «Histore» no. 4, 2014.
I am a member of Grafill (Norwegian graphic designers and illustrators) and NFF (Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers Association).
I also do courses and lectures on the topic of design and communication, as well as photography and video production. I also have in recent years held lectures about graphic design in a market communications perspective for students at NTNU's Department of product design.

Oh – and i have a black belt in karate, and must admit i am a bit of a nerd when it comes to martial arts ;-)




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