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I am a graphic designer and adviser at NTNU's Communication Division (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and I also do design, Illustrations- and photography freelance work. I have a craft certificate as a graphic designer. I also have studied arts, marketing, project management and video production.
I have participated in exhibitions with paintings, drawings, photos and even video installations. I have made graphic design for many printed matter and multimedia productions, and I have also made illustrations for many different clients. I have also been project manager for several marketing campaigns for NTNU and others.
Through NTNU projects I've been named "Marketer of the year" «Årets markedsfører» (Trondheim market association 2008), been awarded diplomas and price in "Strong advertising", and nominated several times for a European Excellence Award.
In 2013, my book "Classic shaving – with steel against the throat" was published by Exlibris Media. I also wrote a five page article on the same topic for the magazine «Histore» no. 4, 2014.
I am a member of Grafill (Norwegian graphic designers and illustrators) and NFF (Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers Association).
I also do courses and lectures on the topic of design and communication, as well as photography and video production. I also have in recent years held lectures about graphic design in a market communications perspective for students at NTNU's Department of product design.

Oh – and i have a black belt in karate, and must admit i am a bit of a nerd when it comes to martial arts ;-)




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